Nicole Gappa

Nicole Gappa

Executive Search Consultant

Nicole Gappa is a seasoned hospitality recruitment professional with years of experience in the industry. As an Executive Search Consultant at JWB Hospitality, Nicole plays a critical role in identifying and recruiting top talent for a diverse portfolio of luxury hotel and restaurant clients.

Nicole has a deep understanding of the skills and experience required for success in the hospitality industry. She has developed a vast network of contacts in the industry and is known for her ability to identify and attract highly qualified candidates for even the most challenging roles. With a passion for building long-lasting relationships with both clients and candidates, Nicole works tirelessly to ensure that each placement is a perfect match for both parties.

In addition to her recruitment expertise, Nicole brings a wealth of hospitality industry experience to her role. Prior to joining JWB Hospitality, she worked alongside the CEO of a vertically integrated hospitality group overseeing the design, development, operations, and consulting of multi venue concepts within hotel properties and some of New York’s most successful food and beverage venues; giving her a unique perspective on the skills and qualities that make for a successful hospitality professional.

Overall, Nicole's extensive experience in hospitality and her proven track record in recruitment make her an invaluable asset to any organization looking to build a high-performing team in the hospitality industry.


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